About Me 


Jon DeVries is a

Chicago-based actor


I was raised in Chicago's southwest suburbs by two English teachers, who early on instilled in me a love for story. Whether it was my dad's theatrical bedtime sagas, or our frequent visits to the theaters of Chicago, I was hooked. And I've never looked back.


A recent graduate of Calvin College with degrees in Theatre and Business, I'm set to bridge the gap between my education and the professional world. My collegiate experience immersed me in all forms of theater, leading to opportunities to work for highly prestigious companies like The Goodman, The Glimmerglass Festival, and Florida Studio Theatre. I've had the chance to perform on small community stages and large professional venues all across the country, working alongside some of the leading professionals in our industry. 

Because of the above, I face each new day, not with fear or uncertainty, but with a renewed excitement for the world of possibility. Onward and upward.

...and fun 
  • I’m mildly obsessed with tigers

  • I’ve been skydiving from 18,000 ft

  • I used to play “dentist” with my sister, and actually pull out her teeth (editorial note *baby teeth*)

  • My spirit animal is Maggie Smith

  • The only sporting event I’ve ever cried over was the 2016 Cubs World Series Championship

  • I taught myself to knit as a child

  • I’ve received a ticket for not using my blinker to pull into a parking spot – take note

  • I’d do almost anything for a slice of Chicago deep dish pizza

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Photos by Carlie Bergsma