Monologues and Musical Theatre 
 Truly Alive - Amazing Grace


Jon DeVries performs John Newton's "Truly Alive" from Amazing Grace.

 Will - Shakespeare in Love 



Jon DeVries performing one of Will's monologues from Shakespeare in Love.

 Night that Goldman Spoke - Ragtime 



Jon DeVries performs 16 bars of "The Night that Goldman Spoke at Union Square" from Ragtime. 


 Leo - 4000 Miles 


Jon DeVries performs one of Leo's monologues from 4000 Miles.

 Man Up - Book of Mormon 


Jon DeVries performs "Man Up" from the Book of Mormon. 

 Short Films 


Directed by Hailey Jansson

Jon DeVries plays Scott, a man looking for his lost dog. Along the way he gets help from a stranger in white and a little boy while sounds of his dog barking lead him further on his journey. He arrives at a hospital where he encounters the truth about his broken reality.

 A Brief Meeting 


Directed by Spencer Allen

Jon DeVries plays Reese in a surprisingly happy first date that ends unexpectedly.

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Photos by Carlie Bergsma